Privacy policy


Code regarding the protection of personal data.

Dear Sir/Madam, the D.Lgs. 196/2003 stating the new code regarding the protection of personal data, establishes that the handling of personal information can be undertaken only with the consent of the interested party, who must be previously informed about such use. With this in mind, the COMITATO LINGUISTICO, title holder of the of the code, provides the information required by law:

1. Purpose and method handling

The COMITATO LINGUISTICO, as established by law, takes the necessary measures to guarantee the privacy of personal data and security through various hardware and software methods. Personal data provided by the client will be computer or manually handled by COMITATO LINGUISTICO and/or trusted societies, so as to guarantee privacy and security according to strictly governed methods regarding services and use including:

– sending communications and/or information regarding the undertaking of the requested service
– elaborating statistics, studies and market research;
– sending communications and/or information of an advertising nature;
– Checking client satisfaction levels also with the aim of promoting other activities associated with the school.

By consenting, although only to for an internal use of the information provided – also in paper format – so that no eventual rights are violated, the user authorizes the COMITATO LINGUISTICO to convert such information into a digital format that can be read, utilized and visualized by the IT systems of the School or any other technology presently in use or later developed capable of using digital information and group that information with other contents provided by the school, in any case by any method or means presently known or developed in the future.

Providing information is entirely optional. Refusing to do so incurs no consequence other than the impossibility to use the services offered.

2. Data can be communicated and transferred to:

We wish to make clear that data or part of the data can be communicated to:

– Employees or collaborators of the company;
– Suppliers of tourist services, such as tour operators, transport companies etc.;
– legal consultants, accountants or other registered professionals
– consultants and trusted societies
– organisations, societies or institutions, both private and public, who study statistics of events (in this case the data will be communicated in an anonymous form).

Faced with eventual commercial agreements with other businesses, the information provided can also be made available abroad.

The personal information collected can be transferred and shared in the event of the business being sold.

3. Clients’ rights

In accordance with’art. 7, del d.lgs. 196/2003, you have the right:

3/1. To obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal information regarding yourself, even if not yet registered, and the communication of such in readable form.

3/2. To obtain indication regarding:

a) the origin of personal data;
b) the purpose and method of handling;
c) of the applied logic in case of handling effected with help of electronic equipment;
d) the identifying details of the title holder, the management and the representative assigned according to article 5,c.2;
e) Of the subject or category of subject to which personal data can be communicated or can come into knowledge in the context of a representative designated within the territory by the state.

3/3. Furthermore you have the right to obtain:

a) an update or check, when you are interested, the integration of the data;
b) the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the block of data treated in violation of the law, including that which it is not necessary to keep for purposes for which the data has not been collected or later treated;
c) The certification that the operations of letters a) and b) have been brought to knowledge, also as far as regards their continuity, of those to which the data has been communicated or diffused, except in the case in which such occurrence proves to be impossible or involves a mode of manifestation not in proportion to the protected law.

3/4. You have the right to oppose, completely or partly:

a) for legitimate reasons regarding the treatment of the data which regards you, also relevant for the purpose of collection;
b) The treatment of personal data which regards you with the purpose of sending publicity material or direct sales or for completing market research or commercial communication.

4. Persons in charge of data handling

The person in charge of handling personal data is : Federica Vizzotti, who you can contact for information regarding you or to exercise the right stated above art. 7, del d.lgs. 196/2003.

You can therefore, at any moment, revoke the consent given and oppose the use and the treatment of your personal data, staying within the rights for the COMITATO LINGUISTICO to breach the contract to supply the services.

Oposition to the treatment of personal data and revoking consent can be sent by e- mail to or by registered post to the business’ registered address.

Largo Cacciatori delle Alpi 5, 06121 Perugia – Italia