The school organizes free of charge the lodging arrangements for its students, proposing various kinds of lodging:

- family stay

- shared apartments

- single occupancy apartments

- hotel and B&B

All of our apartments are carefully selected and within walking distance of the school.

Lodging1 prices 2014

Kinds of Lodging

Euros (per person)

1 week (6 nights)


Double bedroom    

Single bedroom   

Bedroom with family 2

120 €

140 €

Bedroom with family + half board 3

195 €

225 €

Bedroom in apartment with other students 1  

80 €

100 €

Single occupancy apartment

max. 300 €

Hotel and  B&B                                                                                          Price list available on request

1 Expenses for electricity, water and gas not included. With use of kitchen.

2 Expenses for electricity, water and gas included. With use of kitchen just for breakfast.

3 Expenses for electricity, water and gas included.

The reservation in valid from Sunday to Saturday.

-       Lodging is available from the Sunday before the beginning of the course to the Sunday after the end of the course. For arrivals and departures for other dates students must make arrangements with our administrative offices.

-       Check-in times must be communicated the Wednesday before arrival.

-       Use of electricity, telephone, gas and water are charged separately.

-       For extra nights in single or double rooms: prices on request

-       Cleaning services available on request

-       Change of sheets included in the price (towels provided only on request).