Language and Art in Umbria (from A2 level)

Participants:  1

Hours/day: 2 lessons of art history + 2 group lessons + 1 excursion

Hours/week: 10 lessons of art history + 10 group lessons + 5 excursions

The programme

10,10-11,00: art seminar – “Giotto in Assisi. “The birth of modern painting”
11,20-13,00: Italian language class
15,00: trip to Assisi, visit to the Basilica di San Francesco and special focus on the frescos at the Basilica Superiore
10,10-11,00: art seminar – “Piero della Francesca, rationality ed aesthetics at the beginning of Rennaisance”
10,10-13,00: Italian language class
14,30: trip to Sansepolcro (Museo Civico, Pinacoteca Comunale)
10,10-11,00: art seminar – “Pietro Vannucci (il Perugino) and Rennaisance in Umbria”
11,20-13,00: Italian language class
15,00: visit to Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria and Collegio del Cambio in Perugia
10,10-11,00: art seminar – “Luca Signorelli and the expression of Italian humanistic intellectualism”
11,20-13,00: Italian language class
14,30-: trip to Orvieto, visit to Duomo with special focus on Cappella di San Brizio
10,10-11,00: art seminar – “Raffaello, harmony and the research of perfection of Rinascimento”
11,20-13,00: Italian language class
15,00: visit to the Chapel of San Severo in Perugia

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