All of our courses are taught by teachers with degrees who possess specialized teaching qualifications to teach Italian to foreigners.

They are chosen not only for their teaching competences, but also for their motivation and personality.

They are also trained (and constantly doing refresher courses) to use our particular teaching method based on the humanistic-affective and communicative approach: needs analysis and  inductive teaching lead the students to feel at the centre of the lesson, making them protagonists of their own learning process.

Games, theatre and lessons-on-the-move are an important part of our teaching philosophy, considering the fact that having fun is the easiest and the best way to learn.

Grammar, as a system of rules, is used as a regulator for communication and is therefore dependent on it.

Our choice of the best and most modern teaching materials, together with materials created especially for our courses, ensure that the teaching is up-to-date, varied and well-organised.



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Special Offer