Training courses for teachers

The course is based on the following theoretical fundamentals:

  • Analysis of the main approaches to language teaching with particular emphasis on the communicative  and the humanistic-affective approaches
  • Fundamental linguistic abilities
  • The development of interlanguage: the relationship between the teaching programme and individual learning mechanisms.
  • The role of grammar in pragmatic language teaching, centred on linguistic use: inductive and deductive methods for presenting grammar.
  • Student-based teaching and the role of the teacher: frontal teaching and working in small groups
  • The importance of games in language teaching
  • Error correction
  • Class techniques; listening and reading
  • Writing classes
  • Speaking activities
  • Memory techniques
  • TPR (Total Physical Response) in the “silence phase”.
  • The use of theatre for teaching  (Stanislavskij – Strasberg)
  • Introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as a teaching instrument

The whole course lasts 20 lessons, which includes 15 theoretical lessons and 5 work groups in which lessons will be simulated while focusing on the application of the theories learned. There will then be 20 practice classes. At the end of the course attendance certificates will be awarded.

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