How to get to the school


Largo Cacciatori delle Alpi 5, 3rd floor,
06121 Perugia
Tel. +39 075 5721471 – Fax +39 075 5721471

From the main railway Station Fontivegge (piazza V.Veneto, 1): By bus in ca. 10 mins.

All buses stop at PIAZZA PARTIGIANI.
From Piazza Italia, take the escalator and go down through Rocca Paolina, keep walking down until you reach the Bus Terminal at PIAZZA PARTIGIANI

The Comitato Linguistico is on the left of the bus terminal between the Banca dell’Umbria and the infotourist point. Please note that there is no sign with the name Largo Cacciatori delle Alpi.

Link: buses;  trains.