General conditions

Our students are covered for Civil Liability during the carrying out of institutional activities organised by the school, both indoor and outdoor.
Participants are not insured in the case of illness, accidents, theft or loss of personal belongings.
EU citizens are covered for medical expenses if they have an E111 form which they can obtain from their  health authorities before leaving.  Non EU students should check with their health authorities if they are covered for medical expenses during a stay abroad. If this is not the case they must purchase  a valid health insurance for their stay in Italy.

A study visa is required for non EU students. Students should contact the nearest Italian Consulate or Embassy.
The school helps its students with study visa applications by delivering a certificate stating that the student is enrolled in a course in Italian Language and Culture. For students requiring an enrolment certificate, apart from the enrolment fee, they must pay the entire course fee and the lodging fee (if required).
Should the student not obtain their visa, they must communicate it to the school by sending the visa refusal document. In this case, the school will refund the course fee (except the enrolment fee).
Students who have obtained a study visa to attend one of the courses cannot cancel the enrolment or change courses.
American citizens do not require a visa to enter Italy.

Students authorise the school to include their personal data in a mailing list used to send messages concerning school activities.