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T he COMITATO LINGUISTICO, founded in 1986, is a member of ASILS and EDUITALIA, associations of the most renowned Italian teaching institutes with a strict quality criteria. The school is situated in the old city centre of Perugia and offers courses of Italian as a foreign language all year round. Our objective is to teach in a friendly environment with a professional approach. It is very important for us to have personal contact with the students; the teachers and administration are always available regarding information and advice needed.

H ow can you become a member of the Comitato Linguistico? Just fill in the enrolment form and pay the membership fee. We offer our members: affordable  Italian language courses  for all levels in small groups cultural activities  such as film evenings, lectures on interesting topics, discussions; sight-seeing tours and excursions;; wine tasting and cookery courses; conversation in “tandem” with Italian students; free internet access (WLAN).

T he A.I.C.S.-card has a validity of one year and enables members to participate in all cultural, leisure-time activities or sporting events organized by the club. During lessons and extra-scholastic activities all club members are insured by the SAI-insurance-company against accidents and damages caused to third parties. On the AICS website you can find a list of the advantages and discounts valid all over Italy.


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Personaggi di Perugia: Aldo Capitini

Fonte: di Livio Sichirollo - Enciclopedia Italiana - IV Appendice (1978) Filosofo e pedagogista, nato a Perugia il 23 dicembre 1899 da umile famiglia, morto a Perugia il 19 ottobre 1968. Fu...

Luoghi dell’Umbria: Deruta

Fonte: Le origini di Deruta rimangono in parte oscure. Lo storico e annalista Felice Ciatti (1592-1642) ipotizza che la città sia stata fondata dai perugini in fuga in seguito all'incendio di Perugia, atto finale del Bellum...

Learn Italian: Comitato Linguistico

Scopri tutte le offerte e trova tutte le informazioni sui corsi del Comitato Linguistico! Troverete tutte le risposte alle vostre domande e i nostri contatti direttamente sulla nostra pagina web: COMITATO LINGUISTICO Largo...

Italian school for foreigners since 1986 in Perugia

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