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T he COMITATO LINGUISTICO, founded in 1986, is a member of ASILS and EDUITALIA, associations of the most renowned Italian teaching institutes with a strict quality criteria. The school is situated in the old city centre of Perugia and offers courses of Italian as a foreign language all year round. Our objective is to teach in a friendly environment with a professional approach. It is very important for us to have personal contact with the students; the teachers and administration are always available regarding information and advice needed.

H ow can you become a member of the Comitato Linguistico? Just fill in the enrolment form and pay the membership fee. We offer our members: affordable  Italian language courses  for all levels in small groups cultural activities  such as film evenings, lectures on interesting topics, discussions; sight-seeing tours and excursions;; wine tasting and cookery courses; conversation in “tandem” with Italian students; free internet access (WLAN).

T he A.I.C.S.-card has a validity of one year and enables members to participate in all cultural, leisure-time activities or sporting events organized by the club. During lessons and extra-scholastic activities all club members are insured by the SAI-insurance-company against accidents and damages caused to third parties. On the AICS website you can find a list of the advantages and discounts valid all over Italy.


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Luoghi dell’Umbria: Città di Castello

Fonte: Antico centro umbro non sottomesso dagli Etruschi, fu fiorente Municipio romano, con il nome di Tifernum Tiberinum, ricordato nelle sue epistole da Plinio il Giovane che sui primi del II secolo vi eresse un tempio. Verso...

Le attività culturali della settimana dal 13 al 17 gennaio 2020!

Riprende la nostra attività didattica e in contemporanea riprendono da oggi le attività culturali dedicate ai nostri studenti: - Lunedì 13 gennaio: visita guidata di Perugia e aperitivo di benvenuto Appuntamento alle ore 16,00 al Comitato Linguistico - Martedì 14...

Eventi a Perugia: l’Altro Beethoven

Anche allontanandosi dalle festività, Perugia è una città sempre ricca di eventi culturali per tutto l'arco dell'anno. Per questo weekend vi segnaliamo un concerto gratuito da non perdere, in una cornice bellissima: Sabato 11 Gennaio 2020, ore 17.00 Oratorio di San...

Italian school for foreigners since 1986 in Perugia

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