Language and Design

This is a course designed for those who wish to combine studies in Italian language and culture with a practical course in Design.

1930-1945 Italian design in the ‘30s
The beginning of industrial design in Italy: from the “moka” pot to the typing machine, to Fiat 500.

1945-1965 Italian design in the second post-war period
Thanks to its iconic simple and elegant lines, Italian design of the ‘50s never got into production crisis. The design icons produced in that period became cherished, both in vintage and contemporary styles.

1965-1975 The boom of Italian design
The energy of innovation and cultural change directly influence the design icons of the ‘60s. Coloured and unusually shaped objects fill people’s homes.

1975-1985 Golden years of Italian design
These are golden years of Italian design which consecrates its international appeal thanks to the exibition “Italy: the new domestic landscape” held in New York in 1972

1985-2015 Italian design up to the present day
Italy is not the design leader in the Western world any more, but it is still an important design centre. The reality of Italian design situation currently can be described as an idea of research of a new direction together with the modernism, antimodernism and design of the new generation, towards a new balance. In the design, there is no absolute “black” and “white”, but only a distinctive style.

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